Personal Trainer

Punch Bag

If you're serious about getting into shape, or preparing for an endurance event, then you need Robbie as your personal trainer.

Design Your Body Goal

Tell Robbie what you want to achieve and he will design a workout for your session, as well as recommending extra activities and even suggest a few dietary ideas.

Personal Trainer

Work Hard, Play Hard

Of course you'd expect to work hard, (although with Robbie pushing you along, possibly not that hard), but you can trust Robbie to monitor your progress and make sure that you're working out at your optimum level.

With a good selection of music playing in the background and Robbie's view of politics, sport, life, the world and universe to keep your mind busy, you'll have achieved far more than you'd have thought possible, and will be well on your way to achieveing your goal.

By Appointment Only

You will have Robbie's undivided attention and therefore you must book your personal trainer session to ensure that he is free. Call him on the number above or see our contact us page.

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