Circuit Training

Circuit Training is designed to strengthen the whole body, as well improve the overall level of fitness. It is so called as the exercises are laid out in a circuit which you move around.

Working Out

Working Out

Unlike weight training, where individuals try to lift the maximum weight they can for a given set of repitions and then take a short break, circuit training is about pushing yourself for a given time, with little or no rest between exercises until the circuit is complete. This tones muscles (as opposed to bulking muscles) and improves overall fitness.

Our Classes

Never the same from one class to the next. Robbie, our qualified Fitness Instructor, likes to mix it up and keep it fun. By changing each class, inline with the aims of Circuit Training, it ensures that you really do get an overall body workout. It also means that if you're new to a class, there are no embarassing moments because you didn't know the routine.

Robbie will make you welcome and he will make you sweat, but that's okay because you won't be the only one. Whether you're a regular athelte looking for a little extra, or just starting out on a fitness programme, Robbie will encourage you to achieve more out of the session.

It always helps with planning, if we know how many people are turning up for a class, so booking in advance would be very much appreciated and recommended to avoid disappointment of the class being full, however we can normally accommodate one or two extra (subject of course to Health and Safety permitted numbers). See our timetable of classes by clicking here.

All classes are £6.00 and no membership is necessary (although it does attract significant discounts and benefits). Please note that whilst no membership is required, if you are new to The Pilates Studio, we will ask you to complete a short medical questionnaire. This allows us to monitor your progress, as well as making sure you don't over do it. You can download a copy of the questionnaire by clicking here.

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